We originally got a quote from them, beforehand to understand there charges. They gave us two different quotes, one was for $80 Service call charge +$100 for the first hour +$20 for every 15min after or $180 flat rate, then another quote for $240 service call. Apparently there service charges are based on piece work and not hourly like many other local companies. I contacted them after the service, to understand why I was charged so much ($240) but there customer service isn’t the greatest and quite rude for a professional business. They have done an amazing job with the washer, repairs were done in 45 minutes and gave lots of advice. I have a few other clients, that I would’ve recommended them too but there charges aren’t straightforward.

Approximate cost of services:
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Company Response

Thank you for taking your time to share your experience with us...
just to put a few things straight.

the original estimate that we gave you was for drain pump replacement. witch was 80$ service call and 100$ for the first hour and then 20$ for every 15min extra.
or 180$ flat rate.
and then you ask to replace the door gasket as well so we added 60$ to the total labor charge witch is 45 min

I explain to you over the phone and gave you estimate in writing for the total cost of the job included the gasket witch was 240$ + the parts. you then agreed to go ahead with the repair.

we have a highly skilled technician that able to complete the task in 45 minutes.

we dont charge by the time technician spand in your home, but we go with the manufacturer time repair recommendation. 60 minutes for door gasket and 45 min for drain pump.
that is exactly 240$ witch I tald you over the phone and gave you the breakdown in writing.

in other words, it dosnt matter if the technician spand 4 hours or 45 min at your place, we still charge by the guideline of the manufacturer.

we performed the job for you on sunday night at 7pm.

and we didnt charge you additional for over time and weekend time.

I am responsible for what I'm saying and not for what you understand.

we was very happy to assist you and will be happy to do it in the future for any Appliances service that you may need.

stay safe in this crasy time wishing you all the best.
Ofer from Octopus Royal