After my home purchase I had a repairman come over to clean and inspect the gas fireplace. He informed me I had a gas leak and would have to come back with parts to repair it. After waiting more than a month for a return visit a friend recommended I call Gasfix. Dwayne came over and found that the pilot light assembly was incorrect and the on/off switch was not wired properly. He fixed both of these problems quickly. Unfortunately after he left the flames and pilot went out. I called Gasfix again to report my problem and Scott was sent over to figure out what happened. He determined that the fireplace was not correctly venting so the fire starved for oxygen and went out after a few minutes. My fireplace was venting horizontally and if he installed vent risers it would solve the problem. He ordered the parts and came back to install them. Gasfit servicemen are friendly and knowledgeable and I will recommend them to my friends.

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