Their technicians are good, but pricing is not transparent with essentially a bait-and-switch on what quoted and therefore price to be paid versus what is actually only needed to do the job. They say that the work will require a bunch of equipment and then provide a fixed price to sign for. However when they do the work, they don't use some of this equipment (substituting smaller equipment or not using it at all) and then still charge the same. We were told we needed a vac-truck at $1000 which had a minimum 4hr call out despite the small job to empty a small in-basement sump to replace the pump. Instead the team just used a shop-vac that they had in the truck and still charged us the full price for the job. When queried why a vac-truck wasn't needed, they said that how they complete the work is up to them as it is quoted and agreed to at a fixed price and the work was completed - but when they say the NEED to use expensive equipment which what they are basing their price on and then don't, their price should be reduced or not quoted in the first place. I'm sure if they quoted a shop-vac but turns out they needed a vac-truck for $1000, we would have been asked to pay more. Instead of reducing the price they take the money and move onto the next customer.

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