We decided to redo all our windows and 3 patio doors. Signed the contract on March 8th 21. We were told 2-3 months for installation. They assumed we wanted standard patio doors even though they came out to measure. We were told that when they came back to remeasure a month later that it wouldn't change the time line. Fast forward end of June, all windows got replaced but no doors. No time line on the doors that are suppose to be made in house. Less than a month later and some screens need to be replaced because they don't fit properly. They take them back to the shop and they lose them. Take until middle of September to get that issue fixed. Still no patio doors. Get a message that patio doors will be installed Oct 1st. Get a phone call the morning of Oct 1st that the doors aren't ready with no time frame. Been waiting ever since for a manager to call ..... Still waiting Spend your money on a small company that actually care about their customers. You'll pay less and get Andrews

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Company Response

Hello Addy, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Both we and our suppliers are unfortunately working through a time of high demand for materials and logistical challenges affecting our ability to deliver doors in the timelines we initially thought possible. We are fully committed to completing your installation as soon as we receive the patio doors from the manufacturer and we apologize for the delays.