My wife and I own an old Victorian semi-detached home in Cabbagetown, downtown Toronto, with a flat roof on top that hasn't had any work done to it for over 35 years. Lately, Toronto has become a soggy rainforest, and with the incredible amounts of rain we've been getting our old roof finally failed this Spring 2021, with water dripping down onto our bed! That was sad. I duct taped a bucket to the ceiling, poured cat litter all over the roof, and got to searching for a reputable company to fix the roof. My wife wasted no time, called her contractor friend who does all kinds of inspiring things for HGTV, (we both work in TV) and her guy referred us to his guy, a guy named Darren. What a dude. (Darren is cool, but let's just keep this to the roof). Being a good hubby, I compared Darren and his family run business to 3 other roofing companies, learned a lot, got quotes, but went with the obvious choice: Darren, his roof boss Jason, and the Canadian Roofing Company was by far the obvious team for the work that was required. This company is NOT the type of roofing company willing to slap a bandaid over some roofy gangrene and call it a day. ( I found one of those but decided to do things right, and I don't regret it). As Darren and his dogged crew determined quickly, we had some major sag related to some structural issues, all which they invited me up top to eyeball for myself. Confident in the diagnoses, I green-lit new lumber for some new framing for a new slope on a new roof - and you should see the water cascading off of her now! This new roof, I mean, what a beauty! Darren and his crew exude knowledge and experience, competence and focus, and they built us a new flat roof with all the fixings so pretty and tough, I'm tempted to spend my evenings up there singing songs to it. So far the pounding rain hasn't stood a chance, and I look forward to Winter giving it her best shot too. A long warranty has me feeling like Darren and the boys aren't too worried about my roof anymore! Thanks again gents for a solid, state of the art, rain stopping beast.

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Thank you so much for the great review! We appreciate your business and are happy that you don't have to worry about your roof anymore!