Our basement started to leak when loose mortar fell out between the chimney and the foundation. Crack Busters (Morgan) gave us a roiugh estimate over the phone for repair, and let us know what work we could do ourselves to lower the cost (removing the interior mouldy wall to expose the crack, removing the unilock brick outside). Morgan and his crew arrived on time and worked quickly to put an external membrane over the leak. The replaced the dirt they had dug out, but left the unilock replacement up to us to keep the cost down. We are satisfied with the result- a dry basement!- but we are unhappy with ithe black rubber membrane sticking up around our chimney. The unilock doesn`t fit properly around the chimney now, and we will have to recut some bricks to make it level again. It`s very obvious that there was a leak and we worry about the reasle value of the house being affected. But, it doesn`t leak anymore, so the job was done right if not prettily.

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We needed a new door lock installed when we bought our house, so we called a local company recommended by a neighbour. They were able to come over the same day, and spent less than an hour installing a new lock and reinforcement plate. We were pleased with the service, however, we were not pleased with the $392 bill. Our $192 lock has one key that doesn't fit right and needs two hands to insert and remove, but we were able to make copies of the better (but not by much!) key. The service was quick and professional, but it was an eye opener to see the cost of that professionalism. We were also worried that the contact address given for Dependable Locks was 295 W. 231st, Bronx, NY, 10463. So far the lock has held up, and the finish is still shiny, so that`s a plus.

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We are thrilled with our furnace installation. Sach, the owner, gave us an at home quote within 24 hours and the installers (Cory? and co.) were quick, professional, and did a great job. They didn't upsell and recommended the most economical but best furnace for our square footage. I totally recommend them to anyone considering a new furnace.

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