Found Delux Flooring through a very reputable company in Oakville and after things went downhill I made another call back to this company to complain and they informed me that Delux Flooring was removed from their list of subcontractors. Unfortunately for us in the meantime we had them come to refinish staircase from carpet to wood. Once they got in our house little bells started going off in my head; the music was cranked every day, the doors were left wide open to the outside (it was winter time) and all cutting happened inside our home. We tried to brush it off with hopes they would be done the staircase and soon they would be out of our home. Closer to their departure date for holidays the excuses started happening on why they weren’t showing up anymore (other jobs, new contracts, appointments etc.) and the stairs were left in a mess!! No railings, multiple drill holes in brand new floor treads, cracks down the walls and in the lower base of the stairs, overall shoddy workmanship! When we started to pressure them on when this job would be completed (as promised before departure of holidays for 5 weeks and how it was Christmas time and we couldn't have this mess just left!) Alex started getting ignorant and very rude to us, he packed up their tools and left. He spent the next couple of days and sent threatening emails demanding we sign new contracts (which there weren’t any in place to begin with) and shame on us he had been paid in full! We ended up having to pay a contractor another $2500 to try and fix the damages done. To this day I still have stair treads with multiple holes in them left over as reminders of Delux Flooring the nightmare we lived. This was a terrible experience for us and I would never recommend this company.

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