I was not happy with the service as I would like to know what's wrong and meet with the inspector to explain the problem before replacing the unit. He was there to do other job in the building and so charged me an hour service for just showing up and didn't bother to call me to explain the problem, instead I received a quote for replacing a new unit.. My other unit at a different building, the technician came as scheduled and worked on the heat pump for almost an hour but couldn't get the unit to run on full capacity, so he took the unit to their factory to check as he didn't think it's necessary to change the unit. This is what service is. Any command?

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Company Response

Sorry to hear you did not have a positive experience. We did try to call you when we were on site however, our service technician was unable to get a hold of you. As we did not have authorization to remove the unit, it was left within the suite. However, based on the diagnosis, a burnt compressor resulting in smoke repairs would not be recommend as they would be costly and temporary. As your current heat pump unit is original and old, performing such a large repair is not recommended.

If you would like to further discuss your options for replacement please contact our office.

Thank you,
Thermo Cool Mechanical