So, my fridge was having trouble. The Amre website declares the part I needed is 'in stock' - great! Oh, they meant in their stores that are in a different province. Okay, I'll order it, website says shipping from their stores is 5-7 days, bit long to be without a fridge but I can manage. Okay, paid, and done. I confirm with their assistant chat function that shipping is 5-7 days. Hmm, the receipt I received has the word 'backorder' on it ... Surely that must be wrong? 7 business days go by. I call to see if there is any update. "Ah, well the part is on backorder and will be 4-6 weeks!". Are you kidding me? Mislead me to think it'll be here soon (I looked again, it's still very clear about it's claims), to get my money? Amre is a great store in person, but I will never, never use their online site again, and I will begin checking with their competitors before visiting in store as well. Not only unethical but silly as well - did they think I wouldn't notice when my part was 4 weeks late? Shameful.

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