I had Envy Irrigation install and maintain my system for years and had recommended them to numerous people over the years. I sent them an email on June 7/21 requesting a start up appt. and was informed by Marilyn the office manager that they had been re-assessing their service areas and that "it would be best for you to contact another company". I was stunned! I emailed them back stating that they had left in the lurch having to scramble in June to find another sprinkler company, and this is not "customer service". I believe in being loyal to firms that provide good service at a fair price.

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Company Response

Hello Tony.

This was part of your request on June 7, 2021:
"If your firm no longer services clients in Toronto or if your firm no longer does irrigation work please let me know so I can search for a new firm."

I replied on June 7 that we are no longer providing service in your area (Scarborough)due to the distance from our shop in Uxbridge. I provided a referral to a company who does good work in the city, so I don't feel that you were "left in the lurch".


After my old sprinkler company decided not to service their Toronto customers I contacted A.A. Waters & Brookes on June 17/21. I told them my requirements and they emailed me and said they would "follow up shortly". They contacted me and set up a appt. for July 26/21 in the morning. On July 23 they called and said the person who was going to do the job couldn't make it could they reschedule the appt. to the 26th in the afternoon. I agreed. On the 26th I received a call from Eva saying the person who was schedules ahs a family emergency and could they reschedule to Aug. 6th? I called them back and said maybe if I would have wanted a new sprinkler system installed for a few thousand dollars they would have not be postponing my appts., Eva did not disagree. Because of my job I was able to refer many people to Envy and would have done the same for A.A. but I hate "poor service". thanks

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