Recently I called Rona for the installation service of my shed. Ihe quality of installation is OK, however their customer service is just like anarchy and disorder: - They never move forward my project until I call them several times to ask them. I waste at least one month totally because of this. - Different agents will tell you different things. In the beginning the first agent didn't even tell me that I need a base for my shed, their contractors came for nothing. Then the second agent told me that I should buy my own material in a Rona store, and I did for 200$+. In the end the third agent told me that I shouldn't have done that because it's all included in the base installation. Finally I paid 200$+ for pieces of wood for nothing. It's a very frustrating experience. The installation job was OK, but it's their contractors who did that, not Rona. I suggest you to contact these contractors yourselves instead of looking for Rona as intermediate, because their customer service is nothing but ANARCHY.

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