Booked for a Saturday but they called to change for Friday at 6:00 pm & if not accepted they did not know when they could come. Showed up at 8:00 pm with a half full 28 ft. Truck, needless to say they could not take all of our furniture. They finished at 12:30 am and said another truck is on the way. We stayed up all night and they never showed. Called the next day and Tiffany said they were not sure when they would come but I needed to pay for what was picked up. The quote was for $ 1,400.00 She demanded $ 3,600.00 and an additional $ 1,500.00 for what had to be picked up or our furniture would not be delivered on the agreed date. I complained but with to no avail so I paid. The returned date to pick up the balance was a week later and I had to pay $ 200.00 to move the rest of my furniture to my neighbors garage. Tiffany said to submit a claims form and they would reimburse me. The workers were not well trained. They damaged several pieces of furniture and dragged our King size mattress to the point it is unusable. They could barely speak English and one of them was on the phone with his wife in Turkey for the full duration of the pickup. The second crew was equal to their counterparts. I have tried to get in contact with them and they they have been hiding behind COVID for the excuse of not getting back with an automatic reply. Their policy is claims need to be submitted within 10 days. It has been 3 weeks with still no response. I had also requested a receipt for what we paid not given. Potential clients be aware if Amanda gives you a quote you can bet it will be a lot more. I could go on but I am getting angry.

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Company Response

Good afternoon Steve!
I am sorry that you had such a bad experience, but it was not our company. We never had and don’t have a girl working for us named Amanda or Tiffany. As well as we have no employees with a turkish background. As an owner of the company I checked all the recent invoices and we didn’t provide any services for the amount of money you provided.
I would really appreciate if you can post this review where it belongs.
Thank you,