DO NOT USE! I cannot stress this enough. The time alotted to move was completely underestimated and because they only allowed 4 hours to move before their next job started once 4 hours was up they left! They drove their full truck back to their yard and parked it. They said maybe the next day they could finish the move but that doesn't work at all (who would it work for?). After having family members call them a few times they finally agreed regardless of the time of night they would drop off the belongings after their other move (don't even want to get into the nightmare rebooking the elevator is going to be). Not trusting them at all the police have already been called and they have the complaint registered. When the police followed up to see if the furniture had been delivered they were informed as to the status (no it wasn't) and also given the heads up that they may be called again once the movers do show up in case they jack up the price to release. OH and the movers REFUSED to hand over a signed copy of the agreement. They just jumped in the truck and drove off. OH and the owner kept making excuses and sayng "see it from my point of view".... last I checked he wasn't the customer! Go elsewhere or tell your friends you will buy them pizza and beer to help... anything would be better than this company

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