I have a smilar experience as the previous reviewer, and everything he has stated is true and I experienced the same , after dealing with NewPoint Construction Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value New Point Construction Inc solely operated by a single person, is not reliable and cannot be trusted with a project. The owner will low ball to get you sign the initial contact and will increase the quote, when he discovers things as renovation progress. He has no experience of construction or design. He is best at sounding very experienced , will throw random terms inspection, open permits, and I have the best guys. None of his workers are paid on time, and when the workers realize who they are with, it is a no show, and the Client suffers. He gathers all the money he can ,to pay for his past debts and rotates this to work on other sites. Materials bought for your site are constantly removed to other sites. Will delay work , and have no reasons and be unreachable most of the time. Shows up once a week, does very little work and will ask for money again. With over 80% of the project amount with him, he will still complain and abandon a project which has got 40% remaining. He is bad with numbers and will keep on talking with no reagard for your time and money. 3 weeks project has now been abandoned after 60days with 40% unfinished work. They have different pages on Facebook and different ways to spell and host their websites. Most of the previous clients have removed this person from their site, due to delays and improper completion, and constant no show. He is one man show, sometimes the project coordinator , sales consultant, the office administrator, the CEO, the worker who assumes to know every kind of work, and the money grabber. I would simply stay away from this business.

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We were hired by L** M****** to do some work in his basement. The basement was partially finished. He wanted work only in the unfinished areas at first. After onsite demolition it was discovered that his electricals were deemed not to be up to code and required some new work. After a week of standing still getting in some 5 different electricians opinions, he decided he is going to do the upgrades. He hired the first electrician we brought there Syed, who is from indian his country man. He never paid Syed for the new worked and for the work on the main floor which was exclusive of the agreement with New Point. This was an agreement with Syed company which cases some contumptuous relationship between us and our electrician. Syed called him quote" I c** s**** a i***** c*** r**** w*** I s** o**"

However we continued working and create new deposit terms to ensure we get pay which was agreed upon. After completing much of the work and having laminate flooring, paint and all supplies onsite to finish off the work, our payment stop coming as agreed. We updated him Lal Mathews we were not interested in finish all worked and there is the issue of nothing getting paid.

He even removed some of our original scope of worked like stair case wood finishing to substitute for the new electrical which he agreed to with the electrician outside of my presence. His "comment was I am not going outside my budget no matter what". L** M****** stand and watch my guys worked 8 hours a day, some of my guys was uncomfortable that they get up and left. They felt like this man was creeping in the dark and watching them. His comment was he needs to see everything because our prices are cheap.

We had issues with i***** guys not paying after job complete like (NAME REDACTED BY BBB DUE TO PRIVAY CONCERNS) - who turn a 220,000 profit from our work and still owes us 17,000. He block all channels from communication with us and even called police to say we are harassing him. Our worked got him that profit and he refuses to pay us his comment " our lien right is gone he does not have to pay". After waiting on payment for a while

Again after seeing his actions with his country man Syed our electrician, we deemed L** M****** same b****. Every single day was a dispute over scope of work and cost - him trying to save money.

As we said to him before we left, after closing up all dry wall it is near impossible for the trade coming next to catch on with all that is going on. I guess he experience that from his last comments