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I used this company AKA "Countrywide Van Lines" for a cross country move recently. Unfortunately it was not a good experience. Missing items, late delivery, no responses. They were late arriving, and didn't show up until 730pm. I waited all day, and my contact at Countrywide conveniently turned off her phone and suddenly didn't reply to emails anymore. They subcontracted the pick up out to "Good Ol' Boys" moving, who showed up with just two young skinny guys. I was forced to assist with moving and documenting or they would have been there until 3am. The cross country delivery was then subcontracted to Prodigy Enterprises of Winnipeg, they weren't any better. I would be given an ETA of 2 to 3 days, then told there was a problem and it would be delayed 2-3 more days. Weather, broken truck, sick driver, were a few of the excuses. After 4 weeks of delays I threatened to call the RCMP and then they finally gave me a hard delivery date. When they arrived I was forced to provide my payment information (credit card) and sign off on the paperwork before they would open the truck. There was an additional $250 charge added on from the quote for a shuttle truck. I was pretty disappointed they were holding my stuff hostage, but was frankly just happy it actually showed up. They unloaded and moved stuff very quickly, and just put stuff where ever they could find a spot in my new place. They didn't bother to put the bed in the bedroom, or couch in the living room, etc. After they left I started going through the inventory, as the delivery team refused to do it. Turns out they failed to deliver about 25% of my items (over 1,000 lbs) and damaged most of my furniture. I called the dispatch team and they said they would look into it. Five days later I received a letter stating that I could submit a claim for damaged or missing items, so long as there was pictures and it was notarized. I jumped through the hoops and provided a detailed and notarized report. My claim was denied because I had packed the boxes myself and also signed off on the delivery paperwork. I followed up with the BBB and the numerous responses from the owner of Countrywide Van Lines was simply that I got a great deal. I asked for weight scale receipts to prove the pick up and delivery weights matched, but they refused to provide those. Countrywide says they take no responsibility for any of the damage or loss. Definitely the worst experience I have had with a moving company, please don't get swindled by these guys/girls.

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