The sales guy was great, really knew his stuff, explained the product and process well, and they stuck to the process as outlined. It was a pretty big roof and it was all done in a day, the clean up afterwards went well, and the impact on us was very limited. The garbage bin was in our driveway the evening before the install and removed the day the install was completed. No complaints about the process, the install, the installers, or the clean up. Part of the service/product is an inspectors report, the inspector took a few weeks to stop by and complete the inspection. However the accounting department started hounding me for the final payment the first business day after the install, but before the inspector completed his review and provided us with the report as agreed. I had to reach out to the sales guy to get them to back off, which they did. We have two concerns about the final product 1. One part of the roof the ply wood is exposed and not covered by the drip edge 2. The front roof above our garage has a sizeable dent that is visible from the front of the house, that was not there before. We have been in contact with the project coordinator to high light our concerns. He is a very pleasant person, however not very helpful in getting our concerns addressed. Regarding issue #1 they are blaming how our fascia of part of our eavestrough was originally installed, saying that it should be higher. They are indicating if we want to drip edge to cover the ply wood we need a custom drip edge that would have to be installed at our cost after the fact. Regarding issue #2 he is blaming our framing saying the plywood underneath is uneven. So for both issues they were very understanding, however ultimately unhelpful saying that is just the way it is. In neither case did their expert roofers and estimator alert us to the fact that a custom drip edge would be required to ensure the ply wood is adequately covered and aesthetically pleasing, or that our roof ply wood was so warped to see if we wanted it replaced or provided us with other options. What is surprising to us is that our previous roof did not look this warped. UPDATE: the company did come out and install a more appropriate drip edge so addressing concern #1 at no extra cost to us. I would advise people to review the quality of the plywood personally on their roof after the old shingles have been removed and before the new ones are installed, as the installers on our job installed the shingles in areas that needed new plywood.

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Company Response

Hello JJ, we are glad to hear that our team was able to resolve your concerns. Thank you for choosing ALR and enjoy your new roof!