My experience with Ultra Comfort started great and quickly escalated into one of the worst customer service experiences I've encountered. I called Ultra Comfort and received a quote of $1,750 + HST to have a gas heater installed in my garage. I agreed and paid the initial deposit of $500, and we mutually agreed upon a start date of Monday. Monday morning came and the installers arrived at 8am. They were friendly and professional, and went straight to work. The installers were at my home for majority of the day, leaving at approximately 4pm. I had left for work at 1pm, feeling very comfortable leaving them there. I returned home in the evening and was very satisfied with the installation of the heater. It was placed on the ceiling and out of the way, to maximize the storage in our garage. The following morning I received a phone call from Ultra Comfort and was advised that the installation of the heater took longer than anticipated and they wanted to charge me an additional amount of $350 + HST. I was shocked. The cost was already agreed upon and the job was now complete. I politely stated that I was not going to pay any additional cost, as I should have been advised prior to the job being started that the cost could increase. This would have allowed me the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to have the heater installed in the first place. Ultra Comfort was obviously not happy with my refusal to pay the additional amount and argued over the phone. This went back and forth for a few minutes with Ultra Comfort finally relenting, understanding that I was not backing down. At this point, the issue was more about principle than money. Shortly thereafter, I received a voicemail (which is saved, by the way) from Ultra Comfort stating that I would only be charged with the original agreed upon amount, HOWEVER, the boss wanted to let me know that they would not be honoring the warranty on the heater and they would not service it in the future if needed. I just shook my head when I listened to this message. I'm truly shocked at the lack of professionalism and customer service Ultra Comfort provided me. The experience started great and due to Ultra Comfort's error and misquoting a job, they take it out on the customer. Shocking for a company that has been in business for so long. Luckily for most customers, it looks as though this situation is not their norm...if it was, they certainly wouldn't still be in business.

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