Pool cover is just three seasons old and now has 7 small tears in it. Paul from Durham covers was extremely difficult to get ahold of regarding the ”20 Year Warranty” and when we got ahold of him were told there was nothing that could be done and to deal directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturer subsequently told us that they do not cover rips and it would be 400 dollars to repair. Very disappointed with the quality and service.

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Company Response

Not entirely true. We talked many times over the past year. I forwarded your pictures to the factory and the factory said it was not covered under warranty(holes are not craftsmanship). I told you they would charge $150 to replace the panel but the factory said the holes were not big enough to worry about to fix. I even offered to take the cover to the factory for you. Why don't you give the factory a 1 star review instead of me. I provided you with service before and after the sale but unfortunately, the warranty is not through me.