Poor workmanship screws not seated, missing screws and mixed screws used in assy . Left the job knowing the screws were missing without telling the customer. Came back again with even more variety screws. Not resolved …

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Company Response

Unfortunately the information portrayed in this review is inaccurate and does not provide a truthful summary of events. Below we will outline a summary of the events and how we worked with Steven to resolve his concerns, and then readers can make up their own minds.

1. Steven requested for alterations to be done which were beyond the scope of the project, which we agreed to perform free of charge as a show of good faith.

2. We also agreed to fix a deficiency that was found from our initial installation (a screw sticking out by 1/8") and the warranty item in question in the original review. During this visit Steven began acting disrespectfully towards the installation staff by shouting at them and storming out of the room while the installers were doing the work. Our company has a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind from any side, and thus work was halted that day and rescheduled to a different time.

3. A new visit was set up that included the company owner and lead project manager joining to supervise all aspects of the installation. The job was completed as by standard and produced a beautiful final result. We wish the reader could see photos of the project as it was in fact a perfect installation.

4. We have since received confirmation from Steven that he was satisfied with the end result, and have asked him to provide an accurate review, which he has declined to do. It’s unfortunate that some people believe it’s okay to spread misinformation and hurt a small business that works as hard as we do to ensure a positive experience for our clients.

We wish anyone reading this, including Steven, the best of health, happiness and better times ahead. It’s been a difficult pandemic for everyone, let’s spread some positive energy and try to make the world a better place for each other.

With love,
Team Glass Ninja