Alex was great to work with. Had him come over 2 times for mounting and cable management during a move. He’s engaging, consultative and never does something you’re not comfortable with. He’ll always try to help you accomplish your goal. Highly recommend the Setup Team

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Company Response

Thank you very much for the review for choosing SetupTeam


In January 2021 we requested Skylane Construction Services Inc. to provide us with a quote for a full home renovation. We were attracted to Skylane due to the high rating on Homestars. Rez came out soon after and quoted us with an $80k cost along with an 8-week timeline, commencing in April with a June 1st move-in date. As May approached, we were told that there would be a delay given that certain materials such as MDF were in shortage. Due to the pandemic and our own research, we understood and paid an extra month of rent elsewhere. We provided a move-in date of June 22nd with over 30 days’ notice. As we entered June, this is when we noticed significant red flags. There was a change in communication, saying we never had certain conversations even though they happened less than 24 hours prior. If emails were sent with information pertaining to project work, somehow they were not received even though all previous communications and invoices went through this email account. Work was continuously over promised and under delivered putting us in situations where we continually had our backs against the wall due to the fast approaching move in date. We can deal with the lack of communication and even making quick decisions like being told to choose our vanity and kitchen counter tops less than a week before move-in (we had no choice and had to choose what was in stock); however, it was the actions the week before our move in date that changed everything. On Tuesday June 15th we connected with Rez to ensure that we were on track and ready for a move-in on June 22nd because we were one week out. At that time, our stairs were not painted/stained and our railing was not in (because of the delay on the stairs). The kitchen and bathroom were not completed. Due to so many moving pieces, we expressed genuine concern with valid points and were verbally dismissed continuously with answers such as “it’s going to get done”, “I’m not running away”, and the most ignorant comment being “everyone has a choice my friend”. During this same conversation we were shocked when we were asked for the remaining balance as this directly went against the terms of Skylane’s contract. When we addressed the contract verbiage, we were met with the statement “No payment, no work”. Skylane’s contract clearly stipulates that 50% of the payment is due at the beginning of the phase and 50% upon completion (see pic below). Our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen were listed as separate phases in the contract. Costs for the renovation had risen and was in excess of $95K, with a remaining balance due being $5616.20. We had already paid 94% of our owing balance. Remember, the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen among other things were not completed by this point. The second red flag was the insistence on having a walk-through of our house on Saturday, June 19th. Why would we do a walk through of the house when the project wasn’t complete? There was still work being done, dust and equipment everywhere and no ability to thoroughly review a COMPLETED project to point out any inconsistencies. During the walk-through, we found many areas that required work along with missing items (ex. The shower niche that was in the contract from day 1). Right after that walk-through, we sent an email outlining the outstanding items discussed to make sure we were all on the same page. After we sent the email, we messaged Skylane to confirm receipt with no response. We followed up again that evening to ask Rez whether he had reviewed the email and again we did not receive a response. The night prior to our move-in, knowing that Skylane had yet to acknowledge the remaining work, we posted the same email in our WhatsApp group. We never received a response back there either. On the day of move-in, we were shocked to find that the project had been abandoned. The key and garage opener were left in the garage on a box for us to find. There was no heads up or messages prior to us arriving. The moment we opened the door for the movers to begin unloading furniture, the stairs to our second level were taped off as they had JUST been completed that morning. Skylane knew our move in date well in advance and he knew that the stairs would be walked on. It’s clear that the timelines and the project as a whole was mismanaged. Two hours after arriving at the house, we received a long Whatsapp message stating that all the work in the home was completed and that the steps should not be walked on for 2 days. Below you’ll find inconsistencies, incomplete work and the lack of attention to detail related to our project: 1) Tiling in areas of the shower wall are rough and sticking out. There is no silicone/paint on the edges of the shower wall and vanity. The trim around the hardwood was not cut properly revealing a gap between hardwood and wall in master bedroom (picture #1) 2) Inconsistencies with electrical outlets throughout the house were observed. Outlets are missing screws and there are gaps between some outlets and the wall. Outlets are also different throughout home and are crooked/damaged (picture #2) 3) Missed paint job in the living room above our bay window, spare bedroom and foyer which was given up on. We were told there was nothing more that could be done. (picture #3). 4) There is an outlet right in the area where we need our 60” vanity mirror put up. Those measurements were shared well ahead of time to match the measurement of the vanity we ordered through Rez (picture #4) 5) Door hinges were missing screws, door stops were not put in and screws were different colors throughout the house (picture #5) 6) On Thursday, two days post move-in, as per instruction (picture #6) was the first time we could walk on the lower stairs (which were finally dry). I put my hand on the railing to walk down the stairs and it snapped off the wall. We immediately brought this issue forward due to the fact that this is a safety hazard and we were blamed for this. We are two adults and no one’s pushing themselves on the railing. We do however have grandparents who would need the railing for support. Imagine if one of them used the steps before I did? (picture #7) Finally, there is still a contractually obligated item that has not been fulfilled, even though it was in the contract from day 1. We require a new electrical panel box casing. We are unsure why it wasn’t ordered well in advance of our move in date. After providing Skylane over 95K to complete our home renovation, we have no choice but to pay others to complete the work that should have already been done. In the end, this turned out to be a disappointing and costly experience. I would not recommend Skylane for your renovation needs.

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Company Response

I would like to respond to our client who provided the above review:
As their conclusion to their review, the client stated the following: “ We have no choice but to
pay others to complete the work that should have already been done”
All Skylane projects are warrantied for quality workmanship and safety for 1 year. It is
unfortunate that this client felt that they had to go to others within days of their “move-in”
date to complete what could have been better communicated and corrected with Skylane.
Since this client refused initially to sign a contract with us, we began this work in good faith that
a contract would be signed at some point during the project. It never was.
Throughout this project there were concerns expressed about the completion date coinciding
with the client’s “move-in” date. I repeatedly assured them that their home would be “move-
in” ready by June 22 as expected. However, there were some delays in completing the kitchen
cabinets due to pandemic shortages of material. Our client was made aware of this June 1st and
their installation date was changed from June 9th to June 18th.
On June 19th we completed a walk through the home to identify any outstanding issues and to
ensure work was completed to their satisfaction. What work remained at the time was the
installation of the kitchen counters & backsplash and the counter top for the bathroom vanity.
After our walk-through, the client provided an email list of items that they felt must be
completed before moving in on June 22nd. All were completed except those that were out of
our control (the counter tops and bathroom vanity counter top). The pictures shown in this
review were NOT identified or discussed during our walk-through.
The railing mentioned in their complaint was installed by professional installers on June 19th

but no mention of that railing was made in their email to Skylane. I only received texts from
the client AFTER the railing brackets were broken and AFTER the client had been advised to
stay off the stairs for 2 days to allow the varnish to cure. Any moving activities could have taken
place using the side entrance of the home rather than using these stairs.
I should also add that there were areas of uncertainty during the project as the client made
some changes to their requirements after the work was already started. (Example: building a
niche in the bathroom shower AFTER the tiling was completed).
As the owner & operator of Skylane Construction Services Inc, I always take great pride in
providing my clients with the best possible outcome for their project. I regret that this client
feels this was not completed. I have pictures, every step of their project with time and date. However, it would have been nice to been allowed the time to re-
inspect the completed work and address all of their concerns. But we were not given that courtesy.