We were looking forward to having our run reglazed white as it was blue, we called to book they came in and after the drying period they removed the tape and coverings and left, the entire mid to base of the tub was full of drip marks, parts of the tub you could still see the blue. Very disappointed l, they absolutely would have been able to see all of this as they were removing the tape and they did not mention it. They left and did not answer our calls, days later we finally received a call back and we’re told we had to wait week or so for the curing time before they could come back. They came and it looked worse than the first time. We tried to contact and the number was no longer available and the business said it was temporarily closed. This was in April and we still can not get ahold of anyone. Absolutely the worst service I’ve ever encountered. Would not recommend at all.

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