We ordered Doors and Windows from this company in June. We got our windows in August. We like the windows they worked well and are a very nice addition to our home. However, our doors are still not even in the Q for delivery and install. 1 large dbl full glass, one single and one for our bedroom balcony full window. After trying to get answers for 3 weeks I was finally told two days ago I would not receive my doors until March 2022 !! That is almost a full 9 months after we signed for the deal for doors and windows. Originally we we were told Oct or Nov. I could live with that as I understand that covid has messed things up, but 9 months for doors?? This is unreasonable. i have a leaky door i now have to plastic up for winter. Had i known i would have went elsewhere for the doors. I now work in the industry for a custom home builder. Our customers wait times are 16 weeks because of covid .. Typically its 12 weeks. I do not understand what the real reason for the hold up of 9 months but we were told its covid and im not buying it. This product is supposed to be made in Canada and I was promised Nov. I am not a happy customer..

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Company Response

Hi Mike, the real reason for the delays is that there are many different factors working against us at this time making it difficult for us to keep to our originally communicated timeframes for doors. These are challenges that we are currently working through and we appreciate and understand that you are waiting. We are waiting too. We would love to be installing your beautiful new door right now as originally planned but due to extenuating circumstances outside of our control we cannot. We very much look forward to installing your door and will notify you of any changes in the timeframes and also of course when it is ready to be installed.