We hired Terraform in fall of 2020 for a concrete pavers project, we faced several issues and will not recommend this company to anybody. 1. The quote included putting polymeric sand , but the contractor on site said we don't need to put, after we complained they did put it but did a very poor job and the sand is not even settled. 2. Then they sealed the pavers it made a big mess, and they said the reason is we need dry weather for the sealer. They had earlier said that applying sealant will be fine even in current weather. We agreed that we will re-apply the sealant in next spring. 3. After they completed the project, there were rust marks everywhere, when we asked those to be cleaned they applied some chemical which ruined the pavers and they had to replace the pavers. I was surprised that these so called professional didn't know how to clear the rust from the pavers. 4. When spring came finally we asked to do the sealant, and they have stopped responding and have completely disappeared. We are now going to hire another company to fix the mess up this company has created.

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