During the time my condo was being built at Bistro 6. I was provided with update accounts of the progress in a Portal that was very user friendly. I don’t know any other condo builder that does that. Most of my friends that are moving into condos are kept in the dark about the progress , not on purpose , but thats how they do things. This portal not only provided me with updates on construction but had my financing info , design centre , my design upgrades even fun events they where held at the centre such a bake sale and other fun events. I was also provided with emails to remind me there was new info in my portal. It really made me feel confident that I chose well. I took ownership on April 21,2021 and I was very impressed, not only was it spotless , but there where lovely gifts from my the Feltis farm and really nice quality necessities to make me feel at home from Pratt. Then to my surprise a few weeks later a beautiful 350 page interior design book appears at my door , thoughtfully provided to all from the Design Team... . WOW .. I was also very impressed with the attention to detail , there where very few details that needed attention . Then again the portal was invaluable, you put in work to be done within 30 days and it was completed by very professional and engaged staff in a very timely manner. Speaking of people, I have met so many great people in my building and look forward on planning events and get togethers soon. This will hopefully be my last address and a great place to call home. I knew nothing of Pratt before choosing Barrie , I would highly recommend you too call this your home too Maureen ( Moe ) Michel

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