What is worst then bad customer service. No customer service. We ordered our appliances in August 2020. Recieved 2 out of 4 in October and December. Not once were we called to notify us of delays and estimated dates of arrival. We had to contact TASCO ourselves. Each time we phone we were told a new date. In early May 2021 yet another phone call to Tasco determined they did have our dishwasher in stock which they promptly delivered damaged. I currently have been storing this damaged dishwasher in my home for 1 month with Tasco refusing to send a new one. Instead they had GE contact us to “replace” the damaged part which still has yet to be fixed. Discussions with GE we determined that Tasco told them our dishwasher was used and therefore they didn’t want to replace it. It is June 13th I still have no dishwasher installed or repaired and still am waiting on my fridge. This has been the worst buying experience ever and I employee everyone to not spend your money with Tasco.

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