We used this Coleman in October 2020 to replace our furnace and to install a hot water on demand system at our recently bought house, I called them back last week to replace the old A/C unit. very reasonable company and they don't try to up sell you on different product. the crew is very professional and do a great job of cleaning up after themselves. very informative and knowledgeable when I asked Jeff about adding more heating vents to my basement and giving me a price on the work he told me I didn't need to add more heat I needed to add a return as the cold air wasn't being removed in order to bring the hot air down, I was happy to hear that and asked him to price that out for me then, once finished with the new A/C unit I paid the agreed upon price no extras charged and Jeff informed me that he went ahead and cut a return hole for me at no charge I just needed it install a grate over it. We will definitely be recommending this company to everyone who asks.

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