Carlo and his team replaced our front porch in early 2020, before the pandemic hit and everything was shut down. Carlo was very good to work with, and we were very pleased with the result. We called Carlo again in late spring to do some repair work on our driveway and planned a date to do the work in August. We signed a contract and paid a deposit of $8300. No team showed up in August, and when we eventually contacted Carlo about the delay, he said Covid and shortages of workers had prevented him being able to do it, and promised it would be done in the spring. We heard nothing more after that, no date of when they would be coming etc. In the meantime, we put our house up for sale, so asked Carlo for our deposit back. He responded promptly saying he would repay us within a couple of weeks. That was early April and we’ve heard nothing since. I’ve sent a couple of messages, but no response. Very disappointing, and I cannot recommend Carlo and Stone Contractors. Update: After this review was posted, I heard from Carlo, and it seemed we got things worked out. Our daughter purchased our house, so he agreed to come and do some work equivalent to the value of the deposit. It would be done before the end of August. I gave him my daughters information so he could be in touch with her, but she heard nothing. In the meantime, I removed this review as Carlo requested, believing he would honour his word and do the work. I Contacted him again in September wondering what was going on, and he said he’d been injured and needed surgery, but would come around the next week to bring samples by. No show. And no word from him either. After sending another text, to either do the work or repay the deposit, Carlo finally said he would repay the deposit in instalments, by etransfer, within the month. That was October, and to date, we haven’t received one payment. After contacting him yet again at the beginning of November, with yet another excuse as to why nothing had been sent, he said he’d send the first instalment the very next week and then let me know when the next one would be sent. It’s now 3 weeks later and we’ve seen nothing. We feel totally frustrated. At first we thought Carlo might have really been struggling through the pandemic, but when he let us know in the summer that he’d bought property in cottage country during that time, with plans to build a large cottage with guest house, we realized that wasn’t the case. Carlo hasnt dealt with honesty and integrity. We cannot recommend Stone Contractors.

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Company Response

Pam I just saw your review on home stars , I left you 2 voicemails regarding to do the project for your daughter and schedule the project for arrange meeting for the details , you never call , I was thinking you out of town , please call me , this review is not fair for me and my business, as I always reply to all texts and emails. Thanks

Pam good morning , I send you before one payment and you never reply , I'm sure I send to the proper email address , on my side is showing that you never deposit the etransfer , now you come up again with all this stuff on another review and bringing my private life to this matter, don't mix private life to business issues. You sold the house to your daughter, you did other changes from original contract , I buy the materials and after because you sold the house to your daughter you said that she don't want to do the project anymore , after that I was stuck with all the materials and until today I'm trying to sale the materials to get the money back , plus I never refuse to pay your deposit. You need to understand that you cancel the contract and after you come up just for me to do some work on the deposit value. If you want contact me by text or email to resolve this issue and send me the proper email address.

Plus really appreciate if you deal with this review as a business matter and don't bring my private life to this issue , all this that is happening is because of you that cancel the contract under your name and your property, before you sold the house to your daughter you supposed to take the responsibility of all the contracts against your property and your name , not after you sold the property and cancel the contract , I'm sure you are aware is always charges for materials , bookings and fees , if you don't remove this review consider a legal matter at this moment I need to go against your property that I have your contract sign and I need to start dealing with your daughter not you. Let's get all this resolve on the best way and on the business route , don't bring my private life to public , this is a business matter. I will be waiting for your response
Best regards