I bought several lights during a reno from Cartwright, including one $800 fixture, and found six different broken pieces in the first box I opened. Not great considering the cost. I have spent a week and several phone calls to them to find out how they are going to fix the situation. They have told me twice now that they will go dig around in the back to see if they have any extras laying around! Pretty ridiculous for an upscale lighting store. My last phone call they said all the salespeople and the manager were busy and never called back. Unfortunately, the manufacturer says they cannot deal with me directly, that the store itself would have to contact them. When I told the manufacturer that I am getting nowhere with Cartwright, they suggested that I call one of the other three authorized dealers of this brand of light. Totally insane. So, keep this in mind when you plan your reno. If you have any problems with your purchase, the store won't help you, but maybe you can go to their competitors and they'll fix the issue! ****UPDATE** After submitting this review, I saw the store manager Byron had responded to other poor reviews here, so I called him directly to resolve the issue. He was understanding and did make the effort to resolve my broken pieces problem quite quickly. The customer shouldn't have to jump through hoops and be ignored after this sort of thing, but it was nice that Byron made it right so quickly.

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