Charles impressed me even on the phone when I called to inquire what could be done about my non-functioning gas fireplace. He clearly had experience and knowledge about my particular unit and I was pleased at how quickly he was able to come. I thought the fee for a service call was a bit more than for a furnace, but so much more gets done on their service call. When Charles and his excellent assistant left they had diagnosed my problems, provided parts from their truck (obviating the need for a return visit), cleaned the entire fireplace including the very soot darkened glass, ensured the pilot light would light, checked for gas leaks and CO2 issues, adjusted the flame and confirmed that it would ignite by the thermostat. They were pleasant, polite and had a sense of humour. They arrived wearing masks, removed their shoes and kept a polite Covid distance. Overall, I was delighted with the service I received and felt that what I paid was very fair considering the amount of expertise required, their time on the job, the workmanlike job performed and the fact it included parts as well. I would not hesitate to recommend TJ's Fireplace and Gas Services to anyone.

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