I hired Bronson Johnson to replace the eavestroughs and downspouts back in May 2017. The house being an old house (built in 1933), they told me that if they encounter rotted wood, there will be additional cost to replace it. I agreed and they came and did the job in June 2017. After they finished, they told me there was no rotted wood, so I paid and everybody happily went their way. I am no specialist, but in my opinion they did a great job and the coming fall I could see that there were no more any spots where the rain water would splash down instead of going through the eavestroughs and spouts (as it was before the replacement). I did not have any problems since then, up to this early spring, when birds started gathering repeatedly at one corner of the house, which is just above the master bedroom. At first, I thought the leaf screen came loose and they entered the eavestrough. I called Bronson Johnson but they told me it is unlikely birds could make a hole in the leaf screen. They said they will come to take a look and, if there is indeed a problem, they will fix it for free. But that if there is something not due to the eavestroughs, they will charge me $200. So I said no and, instead, called an animal control company, which was very helpful before. They came and discovered that the fascia board is too narrow and does not come up to meet the roof. There is an opening all around the house between the top of the fascia board and the roof. The widest opening is probably in this corner and this is why the birds entered here: see attached photo. This problem with the fascia must have been there since forever. I do not know why birds or other animals did not find the hole and entered the soffit space before. My question is how is it possible that Bronson Johnson did the job back in 2017, removing the old eavestroughs, installing new eavestroughs and leaf screen and never discovered the gaping hole above the fascia boards. They even told me after they finished that the fascia was good and did not need replacing. After finding this, I contacted them again and explained the situation. They came and, after climbing up there and confirming my claim, they said they will come and remove all eavestroughs, store them in my backyard and come and install them back on after I have somebody else replacing the fascia boards. I said I will of course pay for the extra work and materials to replace the fascia, but they said they do not do that. How is it that back in 2017 they offered to do it if needed (if they found any rotted wood) and now they cannot do it? Because I want to make sure the job is done properly this time, I had to hire another eavestroughing company, but they are so busy they will only be able to come sometime in September. And, of course, I will pay again to replace the eavestroughs.

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Company Response

I can not remember back to 2017 and particular conversations we had between us....but I can not see myself, one of the co-owners (who was onsite for the installation) not informing you of the gap. As you state "the problem with the fascia must have been there since forever" and thus never addressed at any point, with various shingle and eavestrough replacement completed over the years. I stand by that the fascia boards were not rotted as the eavestroughs are to this day still firmly attached to the home. When I returned at your request and investigated, I informed you that the work required to correct the issue was best completed by a firm within their scope of work. I stand by my offer of removing the current eavestroughs.