The team at Hawk did a fine job. The team members who worked the project were all great people which means a lot when they are in your home for a long period of time. We had a few hick ups like anyone would but every step of the way our PM Ozy was able to quickly implement corrective measures and the Hawk team almost finished the project which we are happy with on time and close to budget. Having said all this, we are revising our first review downwards since after spending close to $100K for a complete gut of our main floor we still dont have confidence when our daughters and their friends go to the washroom that the door will properly lock. We have discussed this issue many times with the owner of Hawk Property including multiple times recently after he ignored us for a little while and we gave up trying to get him to do the right thing and fix the door properly once and for all. One would certainly expect a fully functional bathroom door after a renovation of this magnitude. The owner of Hawk Property has sent people previously, it worked when they left, it works most of the time but there are many occasions it does not engage and with girls constantly using our washroom we find this unacceptable. We have sent videos proving the lock does not work on a consistent basis. Again, this is unacceptable, it should work all the time! We find it incredible a reputable business would not simply say dont worry folks we are a terrific General Contractor who takes pride in our work, you did your part paying us on time all the way through and you even assisted our crew on a couple of occasions, weve got your back, we will get this done properly for you so you can have full confidence when your Daughters and their friends or anyone for that matter use the washroom they can expect a level of privacy after locking the door. The way the owner of Hawk Property treated this matter is extremely disappointing and left a sour taste in our mouth, be careful out there when selecting your contractors.

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Desmond, thank you for this glowing review. It means so much to myself and the HawkPD team. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our commitments so I'm so thrilled that we could deliver on everything you needed. Enjoy your new space!

Dane Hawkins