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It was the best decision we could have made to having Sunglow replace our condo windows. They came out and provided us a detailed price, laying out all of our alternatives in front of us. They provided excellent advice on what would look best on the building. The installation was well-organized. They did the project in a timely manner, and everything looks fantastic. I've already received numerous compliments. This company has exceeded my expectations, and I would gladly use them again.

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Sadly, we are extremely disappointed with Mega Roofing, and they shown us that they can be downright disrespectful. We reached out to Mega Roofing and requested our garage roof shingles to be replaced, and I was put in touch with Trevor to get the work done. Our first major flag with Trevor was his clear lack of communication. He never gave us a clear date on when the work will start. He was very vague, and the only communication was when the supplies would get dropped off. Little to my knowledge the installers came by later in the week to start the work. No prior communication was sent out to me nor did the installers bother contacting us about starting the work or completing it. If I had not come out of my home during my break, I wouldn’t have never known they were installing the roof. I chatted with Trevor about his lack of communication, and he scuffed it of by saying: “If I had to walk you through, and communicate what we’re doing to every customer then I would be on the phone all day, and I wouldn’t be able to run my business”. Once the work was completed a few of the condo board members looked over Mega Roofing quality of work to make sure things were satisfactory. The board was not impressed with the work provided and wanted to discuss with Trevor some of the findings we had. We left a voice message and the following day Trevor decided to show up unannounced on a Sunday to discuss the issues. He immediately started being standoffish, and being extremely rude. We wanted to have a civil discussion, but his tone of voice said otherwise. He told us we did not know anything and made me, and the other condo board member feel extremely threatened. We discussed the problems with the shingles not lining up, and that some were lifting off the roof. Trevor’s way of explaining things did not lineup, and he was rapidly becoming more irritated, and out right rude to the point we could not hold a conversation any longer. We decided to have a 3rd party inspector to look over the roof about the issues we are concerned about. Trevor then gave us a deadline to have someone look over it before Friday or else. Then he told us in a very threating voice that the material (shingles) was his, and that he wants his payment. Giving us the impression that he is willing to comeback and take away our installed shingles on our garage. Which is highly illegal. My impression with Mega Roofing and Trevor has been a nightmare. Furthermore, Trevor’s inability to hold a civil conversation and being out right disrespectful to me and the other condo member has made it very clear that they do not value customer retention. Not to mention the way they try to bully you into paying when asked about their quality of work. We are now hiring a few roof inspectors to make sure they have done the work properly.

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Mega roofing appreciates and respects all their clients and values them tremendously. Honesty, respect and communication are paramount in operating a service-based business. Only until when that mutual respect is broken by a client have, we had to respond in this form. As with any other service industry unfounded accusations and verbal abuse are not called for or tolerated. Instead of politely calling to question certain items he did not understand, this client called and was in rage and made threats and accusations over items he clearly has NO experience, knowledge, or the slightest understanding of.
Its unfortunate that things unfolded the way they did but the owner’s choice in words when he called initiated the reaction from Trevor. Once the owners receive their third party inspection report we will be happy to except an apology and apologize as applicable, then shake hands and put this behind us.
We were contacted to quote a detached garage from Ryan. Once the quote was approved, we were asked to bring samples which we delivered the following day after the request of the client. After a week had past, we followed up with a phone call to Ryan to see if they had chosen a colour. During the conversation, Ryan started by stating that they did not receive the shingle samples and was frustrated with the delay in receiving the samples. Then we confirmed with our staff that the samples were personally delivered to Dave the other board member. It appears that Dave neglected to communicate the receipt of the samples with his fellow board members which resulted in the delay of Ryan receiving the samples.
Once the colour and product were decided we notified Dave that the materials were going to be delivered on a specific date and the crew was to follow. The crew was onsite the following morning to start and finish the garage. The project duration took only half a day from start to finish. The following morning a text message was sent from Dave complaining that the crew left the left-over materials. These were neatly stacked in the alley next to garage and that we did not complete the house roof inspection. Immediately after receiving Dave's concern via text, a call was placed to explain that left over materials are picked up by our staff when the final inspection is completed. it was also communicated that Ryan did not make any mention or request for us to complete an inspection of the house roof. At this point that is two communication errors between these board members (Ryan and Dave) that we were getting accused for. Within in two hours we had one of our project managers retrieve the material, inspect the completed work (which was flawless) and completed a free roof assessment of their home.
The following Saturday evening, Ryan left a voicemail stating that the workmanship was unacceptable, the job needed to redone and was threating that they would not pay due to the lack of workmanship, and that another contractor was to be hired. Upon listening to the voicemail the following Sunday morning. The owner of Mega roofing visited the site to see if there was any validity behind the aforementioned accusations. Sure enough the workmanship was EXACTLY as expected (flawless). It is our opinion that the owners did not have any valid concerns on the workmanship. He can only blame the shingle installed for looking like a shingle.
It is rare that we have a complaint about a project that we have worked on. Where a complaint is made, we endeavor to make amends where possible. We are hoping that we can reach a positive resolution to this contract.