I originally hired Colz Electric because his pricing model was a per unit price so I wanted to know what the price would be at the end of the day. That was important to me because my renovation was extensive costing more than 600k and I didn't want any surprises. From the start this project it was clear to me that he was way in over his head. Just to name a few things that caused issues; originally having only 1 electrical outlet in the basement for the other subtrades for the entire house until the house was wired, wall switch locations completely random on the left or right side when you walk into a room, constant upsell on services and equipment after the electrical plan was finalized, not putting any of the 80 plus electrical plug covers and switch covers on and telling me the painter will do it after they are done painting then telling me I agreed to that when I questioned him on it, expecting other trades to accommodate his schedule then not show up when things were critical causing delays, installing spray foam huts above the ceiling speakers that collapsed when the spray foam was applied forcing the foam to be removed and the spray foam guys to come back after it was fixed, installing 1 pair wire so that I now live with a mono speaker in the master bedroom and bathroom even though the system is in stereo, his apprentice ran a low voltage wire after the walls were spray foamed and dug a channel in the spray foam to the outside wall 3 inches wide up the entire wall when no channel was required, telling me he has come to my job site 20 times already and that his price only allowed 4 trips, (not my issue how many times you come to the job site, you do the work that was quoted and finish it until the job is complete......if you want to get paid!) final electrical inspection that failed and caused delays until it was fixed by someone else, .........just to name a few! Chirs was very professional and courteous at the start to win the business. 3/4 of the way through the project he was run off the job and our relationship had deteriorated to the point that I needed to hold back money until the job was complete by another contractor. Chris called several times looking for payment and showed up on my front door telling me if I don't pay him his son won't have a good Christmas and the next time he sees me he will be in a beater vehicle because he had to sell his new truck because of me. After his pity story didn't get him anywhere he changed his tune and explained to me that he did everything we asked his company is all about service, blah blah blah. I forced the issue and we settled out of court on his final invoice which I was prepared to hold out for however long it took. Bottom Line..........Chris is a millennial, always making excuses and pointing blame to others for his issues thinking his words can cover up his actions with comments like, oh we talked about that and you agreed to it. I get angry just typing this review out ! Anything more then him changing a light bulb I would never recommend him. I walked away from his warranty work guarantee because he will NEVER come in my house again. He has done things to my house that I have to live with and they can never be fixed. His comments to my review should be interesting but I expect the same response.

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Company Response

Hello Bill,

We never proceed or move forward on any work/extras/changes without customer written approval, ever.

We never like to hear that our customers are unhappy. We take pride in ourselves with customer service. As you can see from other reviews; we are known for our exceptional attention to detail and being very transparent and dependable to our clients.

No job is too big or too small, as we have worked on large warehouses, commercial spaces, gyms, new builds to changing out a simple bulb.

For any future large renovations, we highly recommend hiring a contractor to delegate and have a schedule in place. As we feel you took on too much as a homeowner to run such a large job. This way by having a contractor in charge things would have been organized and scheduling would have been efficient for you.

Unfortunately, we were not the only trade that did not receive full payment for this job. Still, to this day, you received most of your finishing for free, and other trades on site feel the same way and are also still waiting for payment from a job that was completed in fall 2019.

Best of luck!

Colz Electric