I was initially just shopping for a floor and found that Invision had the best selection of flooring available. Upon learning about not only their installation service but also their painting service, I was pleased to go with a single contractor for all of my jobs an ensure a seeemless coordination. I highly recommend Invision for those reasons. I would have given them a 5 star satisfaction but the painters were late in finishing up, lost my key and the contractor came back looking for an additional $250 to paint a small piece of the ceiling on a $25,000 job. Minor stuff I suppose. Overall, I was very happy and love my new space.

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Company Response

Hi Guys- thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and comments. It's very appreciated.
Your vision prior to moving in was spot on.
All the natural light in your unit really put Kentwood's Maple Talcum floor into an enjoyable environment.
White walls and trim was a great choice allowing the floor to take the spotlight.
Your space now shares the classy level it deserves.

The timeline for this entire floor, trim and paint project was incredibly tight at the onset, we felt it possible being well planned and we were. Had we not taken on the additional 1/2 day of painting, including protecting/taping kitchen cabinetry, a can of paint and two coats we would have been perfect. At the time $250 seemed fair.
To quickly comment on the key. It's a good learning experience for us. In this case our painter told us he left it on the counter among other things while the move-in was happening, and in the same white envelope we got it in. It's still a mystery to us both.
Overall we we have a great relationship, the project went well and everyone is happy.
This reviews shows that. Our mentions are simply for awareness to others of what stood in the way of our perfect score.
Striving for perfect comes with constant learning.
Talk soon....
Dov, Roy and the Invision team.