Thank you Rene and Juan for the great work. The work was done in July. I called Rene when I saw the work that they have done for a friend - his review with pictures is here as well. He came and saw what needed to be done and gave me a reasonable estimate along with a tentative date which was acceptable. They were true to their words from start to finish and did a lot of things (small and big) with no extra charge for instance: the understanding was that I would provide the materials, still Rene came with his truck and both Rene and Juan helped me carry the drywall, the wood and the engineered wood for the floor in the basement. Anyone who has done this knows that it is hard work but they were smiling all the time and never mentioned a word about this - THANK YOU GUYS! The work was done in the time that was promised, they were always asking for feedback and Rene proposed some different ways of doing the ceiling that were much better than what I was thinking. He was always friendly and polite and when I was insisting on something to be done as I wanted to, he would always oblige, for instance, the design of the floor layers was unusual because I needed a bit of spring in the floor due to the fact that I want to have the basement as a studio for martial arts and fitness. Again, no extra charge, and the work was done as per my instructions and I am very happy with the way the floor feels to the barefoot touch. Another note, Rene never insisted on any payment schedule, in fact, I was the one who proposed a payment plan with half the money paid halfway through and the other half after completion and he had no objection. All the work was done well, in time, they were careful with the materials with no waste and the mess and dust were always kept at a minimum. I would hire Rene and Juan again in a heartbeat for any renovation big or small (oh, by the way, they also stripped the caulking and foam insulated a window of my house properly to make sure there will be no leak in the basement from that window). Thank you very much Rene and Juan! Bogdan

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Company Response

Hellon Bogdan, thank you for your review on this project well done too from your side as well.
anyhow we feel great doing a such of challenge work for you and
thanks for your trust in Royal Basements.
we look forward to meet you soon

Rene And Juan Carlos