We just went through an extremely painful and stressful move, orchestrated by North York Moving. We moved from Ottawa to Edmonton in September/October. We solicited quotes from a few different companies and in the end decided to go with North York. Once the deal was done, things started to go sour. I think point form will work best to describe our experience: 1 - North York Moving (NYM) told us that the movers would arrive to start loading our belongings between 8:00am and 11:00am. They arrived at 12:30pm. 2 - NYM assured us that it would only take about 2 hours to finish loading the truck. It took over 7 hours. 3 - NYM told us that we would pay when our belongings were delivered. The moving crew insisted we pay a $1500 deposit before they would leave with our belongings. 4 - NYM told us that although they couldn't give us an exact delivery date until our belongings were loaded onto the carrier's truck, we should expect delivery within 7-10 business days of pickup. We took delivery 23 business days after pickup. 5 - Our final bill came in at more than double the quote. 6 - Once we started to notice problems (extra charges on the final bill, extreme delays in delivery), NYM ceased all communications with us. They were unwilling to even discuss any of the problems we had, let alone work together to resolve them. 7 - On the final bill, there were two charges that were not included in our quote, and a third charge was misquoted. Again, NYM was unresponsive to our inquiries into the discrepancies. The one and only positive thing I have to say about NYM is that when our belongings finally arrived, everything was there and nothing was broken or damaged. A long distance move in itself is a very stressful experience. Ours was made all the more stressful by using a company that gave us an inaccurate quote, took an extra 3 weeks to deliver, and refused to communicate with us once our things were picked up and we were essentially locked into paying them. The only reason I give NYM 1 star in this review is because they didn't lose or damage anything. I would never recommend anyone to use North York Moving, unless dealing with any of the above sounds appealing to you!

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