This was by far the most unprofessional moving company my family has ever used. We had a very large move planned and we gathered several quotes from different companies. We went with Tower because we were guaranteed a cap for our quote. When we got the invoice, it was about $7,000 OVER the initial guaranteed quote. On top of that, we had extensive damage to my old house, new house and many of our belongings. The total was in the in the thousands. Many of the movers were very friendly but obviously inexperienced and very young. I don't think this company was equipped to handle a large move. If that wasn't enough, they forgot to move a few items from our old house, including my FREEZER (which we subsequently lost). We paid for assembly but a few items were never assembled so we had to hire someone from task rabbit to assemble them (more lost money). When we brought up all of these issues with the company, their idea of a compromise was to reduce the total invoice but it was STILL SUBSTANTIALLY OVER THE INITIAL QUOTE. So in summary, we ended up paying more than our "guaranteed cap", lost money in further moving/assemblying and replacing lost items, did not get our moving insurance cost back and had damage to our expensive furniture, walls and hardwood floors without compansation. We decided to pay the initial amount owed and demanded compensation for all the damages to our belongings. Instead, they charged our credit card WITHOUT OUR CONSENT for the remainder of their inflated invoice. Be very careful and always get all agreements in writing because this company is extremely unprofessional and will tell you anything to secure the job then bill you after the fact.

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