I had an insurance claim that sent Hyde Park Plumbing to correct 2 issues (blocked drain & sewer smell from sinks). This was my second claim with the insurance company, the previous plumbing company confirmed the repairs with the insurance company before proceeding to do the work, I signed the work order, and everything was great. In the case of Hyde Park, they came into my home, assessed the issues, left, and returned to do the repairs. Not only was their work sub-par which resulted in a call to the owner, the sewer smell persists. They got yellow plumbing glue all over my kitchen sink cabinet, damaged drywall, and got plumbing glue on a carpet (which we had to throw away and replace $300). Immediately after the plumbers left and seeing the damage they caused, I called the owner and he committed to coming by and seeing the damage and never did. On top of that, I later got a bill for work the insurance company did not cover, however, during the visit, I was not informed that the insurance company would not cover these costs and I did not sign off on the costs or work. They are harassing me for payment for services that I did not sign off for and I'm left with additional costs to repair my walls (estimated at $800 and the replacement of the carpet $ 300). They are messy, careless and an experience which should have been as smooth as my first claim with another plumbing company has resulted in $1,100 of damage to my house. Avoid this place at all costs.

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