I concur with the other reviewer. I had a similar experience with Michelle Dupre Design. On my Initial meeting everything seemed quite good but things turned sour very quickly. My experience was not the best. Some of the quotes Michelle Dupre Designs provided were misleading and she made a couple of invoicing errors. For example, we discussed repainting all the ceilings and even though the quote stated ceiling"s" she later claimed it only included one ceiling. Trims were also quoted but only included baseboards. We had a couple of surprise invoices billed to us after the fact even though the additional costs were not discussed. Most importantly, as you will see from the photos below, her work was beyond armature. We spent thousands of dollars correcting her work. We hired a professional company to create a full professional report detailing the errors in work and I can send it on request. Overall, as you will see from the photos below, I found the work displayed lack of care and unprofessionalism. Please contact me for the full professional deficiency report.

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This homeowner and her husband requested a consult regarding a purchase of a condo. They wanted to move in a month. We selected all the materials. Flooring , paint colour and had several discussions and send information regarding furniture. Initially they had an electrician but then changed to using our electrician. They only wanted a couple pieces of furniture sofa dining table and chairs and possibly other items but couldn't decide.
They wanted new pot lights for the ceiling. It involves removing the old kitchen ceilings and rough in pot lights and the. Re-drywall, sanding and painting We were told that we could have a few extra days for painting provided they could move in on their date requested which they were able to do. Problems arose with getting payments from them and changes to the scope of services agreed upon.
We demoed old flooring and carpets from their 1300 square foot condo and installed new vinyl plank including an additional bathroom not in the scope. had difficulty making decisions and changed her mind several times. When it came to furniture my custom furniture maker was in the 10-12 week mark and if she needed furniture by the end of the month we resourced other furniture options available immediately that would fit in their budget . We were under her budget on furniture and we had preselected styles that would work and available for immediate purchase. We sent her many styles of furniture for her review but it took a long time for her to get back to me on her ideas and confirmations. I even drove her to the furniture store and returned with her. The same is true for lighting. She had to be sent several emails to respond. They were difficult arranging scheduled payments and appointments. We had a meeting after the Reno and they were happy other than two painting spots. We went back in to mid those areas and needed to return for sanding and touch up paint.
They have not paid their bill and I don't believe they have any intention to pay their bill which is why we have to lien their property to get final payment. We have tried to set up this final appointment to no avail. They simply do not respond or pay their bill. The areas she is referring to have been corrected We have added several items at their request such as thermostats, a light in mechanical room, the tv plug and bracket install, additional flooring boxes, repainting of a fireplace wall which was painted initially the wall colour and was not discussed prior., the mechanical room, sourcing a fan remote that we later had to return, a hallway light that she finally selected a fixture which we purchased and now doesn't want to pay for. She hasn't paid the bills and is now complaining about items that were never part of the problem. All other invoices and parts of the project have been completed to her satisfaction. All painting deficiencies that she had, have been completed to the final stage of completion but we cannot get her to answer her phone or respond to any messages to complete it or paid her bill
The apartment was ready to move her belongings into and her bedroom was setup on the date requested . She stayed with her sister so it's not 8 days We tried everything to make her happy but she doesn't want to pay her bills so this is what comes up now. She never paid for a design plan only 15 hours of design and project management which she has exceeded . She had only required three pieces of furniture and a floor plan wasn't requested and not needed for a few pieces of furnishings. I did all the measurements and all furniture looks good in her space. As for all the invoicing we provided all invoicing before hand and with a payment schedule which they did not adhere to and failed to make payments on time. We had to chase them for payments and they always had excuses The only extra invoice was for the extras they requested and were approved of by them and not quoted for drywall and repairs . We stayed within their budget and were even under for furniture