Overall the team did an excellent job. Mike was a great contact on the selling front, and Ryan and Andrej were the primary contacts on the execution side. Andrej really held the project together and kept things moving along well despite some delays in getting the permit from the city during Covid. The final product is excellent. Getting there had some frustrating times. There were many requests for change orders along the way, always initially very costly based on their recommended approach, but after pushing back in the added cost an alternate always seemed possible at a much lower price. It would have been received better if the team presented all these options up front so we could choose rather than starting with the highest priced option and then finding the more tolerable solution after we said no. At one point it became obvious that the team had forgot to order the flooring, and so we were asked to choose something else or accept a 4 week project delay. I was surprised that initially they expected us to pay the full upgrade price of the alternate flooring despite the error on their end. Again after pushing back they split the cost with us, but I still don’t believe we should have had to absorb any of this extra due to the mistake in ordering. We weren’t left with much choice if we wanted to keep the project on time. The team is extremely responsive and friendly and we get to a good place in the end. They use an excellent program called BuilderTrend as a portal for all the selections, invoicing, schedule, and for communication. It made following along with what was happening easy. I would likely use the team again but would have allocated more contingency to cover the change orders that occurred throughout.

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Company Response

Thanks for your review, Mike! We appreciate your honest feedback. We're very glad to have delivered an excellent result, and we certainly hope to work with you again in the future as well :)