Vlad and his team were a pleasure to work with. They took the time to scope the project out and give a very fair, accurate and competitive quote. They were also very creative and careful in solving a tricky installation of a smart tv above a fireplace. Despite a concrete wall they found a way to hook the tv to the Internet. I would highly recommend Vlad to anyone.

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Here is my story, you can decide if you would shop at this store: In July, I ordered two chairs from Corner Lot Home Decor on the Danforth and paid for them in full. At the end of August I called the store to see how my order was coming along as I had been promised delivery by August 31st (as detailed in my bill). I had to place a number of calls, I would say about 20, before I spoke with someone (no one returned any messages that I left). At that time, I was told they should be in the following week. When I never heard from anyone regarding delivery, I called the store again, leaving numerous messages (none were returned). When I did finally talk to the owner Chris, I was once again told that I would receive the chairs the following week. This did not happen. I then called the store over one hundred times (I have the phone bill to prove it!) and left over 20 messages (I also sent a dozen emails) to which I never received any reply, taking us into October. In the second week of October, I finally did manage to talk to the store owner Chris who said he would get right back to me about the chairs....that was fourteen phone calls and six messages ago. After being given the run around all week, I was finally told that the designer that had helped me pick out the chairs had cancelled the order and that the furniture manufacturer had sold them to someone else. My designer never cancelled the chairs. So, I called the furniture manufacturer to see if they could track down the chairs or help me order new ones. After speaking with a very kind and helpful individual at the company, I learned that the chairs were never even produced. So, in summary: I was blatantly misled by the store owner for three months. If the chairs were never produced, how were they ready in September as I was told by Chris Collins and how was the manufacturer able to sell them to someone else? If my designer cancelled the chairs, why was I never refunded any money? When caught in his obvious untruths, Chris went as far as to claim that the furniture manufacturer was the one passing along false information to me, displaying a complete lack of integrity. No matter what Chris' reasons were for not replying to any of my correspondence (busy, family emergency, etc.), there was no excuse for misleading me, a patient, paying customer. I am so disappointed with the service I received. I was patient, sympathetic and understanding for three months as I waited for my chairs, only to find out I was being strung along with false promises the whole time. To add insult to injury, Corner Lot did not refunded me my money for the chairs. I had to contact Visa myself and file a report to get the money back.

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