We hired The Anything Guys to do a full bathroom reno at our home. This included, tear down to the studs/joists, moving plumbing, everything. This project was slated for 3 weeks, but given COVID we expected some delays along the way. No Problem. The project took 9 months to complete. (It wasn’t done well and I will be doing the finishing fixes myself, don't want them in the house anymore). The project didn't go well at all. Flooring was installed un-level, which meant my new vanity and toilet were not level. The tub was installed un-level which led to water running along the shower edge and onto the floor. Drywall wasn’t mudded correctly which led to cracking at all the joints. The shower niche wasn’t tiled well at all. The edging was cut and installed and you could see the teeth marks from the snips they used. The tiles were crooked and all the tiles they cut to fit in place had scuffing from the cutter they used. (Permanent, won’t come off the tiles). All this and I was blamed for not stating that I wanted my floors level (are you kidding), the bathtub was installed un-level because it was a manufacturer defect (verified that it wasn't by contacting the manufacturer and also I had to cut a hole in the wall myself to show they installed it wrong). I was told I would have to pay for the fix to this issue initially, has since been resolved. That never should have been talked about as it was done incorrectly by the contractor, not my fault. When they came to fix the cracking in the drywall they caulked it with white caulking against my off-grey wall paint. I brought this up and they acknowledged it had to be painted over but they simply didn’t do that. They also didn’t replace the trim that was damaged by the water that leaked from my tub like they said they would, they simply used drywall compound to fix the parts that fell off from being so water damaged. I will have to purchase and replace the trim myself as its loose and soft from the water damage.

Tom is a salesmen and came in with the lowest quote for the project and based off the reviews we had read of the company decided to proceed. Big mistake. Pay a little extra to get real professionals to do the work. There was nothing professional about the work that was done here. Amateur at best.

 All this to say that my 3 week project took 9 months to produce an almost complete result and we would rather fix the remaining issues ourselves than deal with this company anymore. Don’t worry I had to pay full price for all this nonsense as well. No remorse from Tom and co. Stay Away.

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Company Response

Dear Alan,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we promise to do better in the future.

We have tried to rectify every issue as we've come across them. Unfortunately with the age of your home, nothing was level and we were doing our best to work with what we were given as a starting point. The tub leaking; we tried to get the shower guards put on to prevent damage to the flooring and baseboards, but you didn't wish to use them, we then offered to pay for half of the shower glass as a solution once our plumber said the tub was installed as per industry standards, and the manufacturer wouldn't accept fault. The timeline extended longer than we would have liked, in part due to waiting on correspondence with the manufacturer of the tub, and in part due to your noncompliance in our suggestions to rectify the problems. We had countless meetings throughout this time to try and stay on top of fixing the issues.

I apologize on behalf of everyone at TAG. Please know that your situation was an exception. As you can see on other reviews, we are known for taking ownership and caring deeply about our customers. We can’t fix the past but you have my personal commitment to improve the way our staff serves every customer. Until then, please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of everyone on the team.

All in all, I am disappointed to read this review as my Office Manager's
conversation with your foreman following his final visit was very positive, we were told he fixed every issue, and walked through them all with you item by item, before he left to ensure you were pleased with the end result. He told us he had asked for you to get in touch with him if anything else came up that needed fixing and that he would stop in. My Office manager then followed up and gave you a call following this conversation and had asked you if you were happy with the results of the final repairs to which you had said you were. We then received an email a while later stating you were very unhappy, and did not wish for us to return to make things right.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share.

We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.