This company did a recall repair a few years back and everything went perfect. Started getting different error codes, so I called them thinking they represent Bosch. They Don't. Tech came to try to figure and it out and didn't. $120+. He went back to the shop and they said it was the pump/heater. Charged me up front for the part and when it came in they came back and installed it for a cost of $165+tax. Was told I had 90 day warranty and after 34 days the error codes started to repeat. I called and was told I would have to pay for another service call because the 90 days was on the part only. 30 days on the service call. Well you pay your money and you take your chances and on this company Don't.

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Very professional, showed up ready to work, did the job on time with no extras and was courteous of my neighbors. After the job was done the site was clean much to the happiness of my wife.

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