Yousuf and Ali, both pillars of this company had approached us and help us out in renovating our basement. The job was simple to partition a big room and create 3 closets. Later they proposed to install dry wall as well and renovate the room completely. The estimate they gave was nominal as $2250 labour and $2150 materials and a total of 1 week to complete. They did complete, but then there were few problems like they under estimated the materials by $1600 and they took around 3 weeks to complete, but they did work daily as well. Overall quality of work was also somewhat poor. They told me priming a new dry wall is not needed (which I never expected as initial estimate was to prime and paint as well). They never painted the doors and left them. They left paint and mud stains on the floor and advised us to clean later. They didn't know how to cut a door and kind of messed up the door itself. Taping on the wall and corner is really bad as well and left baseboard in few areas. The only positive thing I see for them is they are good people and won't leave you in mid of your project. They seem pretty young and new to this field and will mature as they do more jobs. I wish them all the best in their future.

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