Darryl and his team did a great job on our trees. We had a couple of trees that needed to be pruned and were in dire need of care. One Tree in particular was a mature Locust Tree that had been through a lot over the years. The challenge was to try to revive the dying branches and get rid of some large branches that have gotten dangerously close to the power lines. Darryl mapped out the job and Charley & Jack executed the task. We were concerned that tree would look ugly and unhealthy once the large branches had been removed. Needless to say, the Tree is looking great. Jack and Charley did a great job, they made clean cuts and the tree looks healthier. They also left our front yard spotless!! Thank you Upanoak!

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Company Response

Hi Antonio, what a tree that Locust is; if it could only talk about how much damage it had taken over the years until we cared for it. From cleaning up the old breaks, to bringing new life back into its growth habit, I am thoroughly grateful for Charley and Jack's ability to work their magic.

Darryl Stevenson