Worst service I've ever seen out of a professional organization. Basically they did not follow any of the Asbestos abatement removal procedures during the removal in my house. The entire house became contaminated. I had to tell them to clean the house but they only cleaned a portion of the bedroom. Entire house was left contaminated. I had to clean it myself. They refused to admit they did anything wrong and still had the nerve to ask for full payment. They will harass you for months to secure the job, make all kinds of promises, fast talking supervisors who will never show up but will call you to help the sales pitch or to over talk you and tell you they did nothing wrong. I would never recommend them to anyone. I have lots of pictures and more information if anyone would like to know more.

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Dear client, thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. We use a specially designed vacuum system to remove vermiculite insulation directly to our truck through an opening in the roof. There are no bags carried through the house, so harmful fibers won’t be released into the air, and cross contaminate your house. An enclosure under negative pressure was built under the hatch for the technicians to get dressed and undressed.

After raising concerns about your house being contaminated and asking us for a significant discount, we did a PCM air sample the next day to ensure no such thing happened, and put your mind at ease. Our goal is total satisfaction of all our customers, and provide positive experience.

We have a lot more details on this project, for more clarifications please contact us.


Paul T.