Ever since I can remember, I have been a motorcycle fanatic. I have probably owned more bikes in my lifetime than most of my friends put together. The thrill of the ride and the open ride can not be beat. It really is something you have to experience. I currently own two Harleys and one Honda, which I guess is uncommon. Most people tend to have own the same brand, but I prefer to diversify. Aside from my unique taste, I have noticed that I can never find room to work on my bikes. My two car garage was never meant for cars, but three motorcycles and everything that comes with them does take up a considerable amount of space. With my new lift, I can place all of my riding gear in one designated location. This was definitely a worthwhile investment. The build quality of the rig is solid and durable. I do not have to worry about its capacity to hold the weight of my motorcycle, as the lifts are really well constructed.

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