Purchased a door approx 4 years ago. Within the first year or so we had to call for someone to come out and fix the lock due to it malfunctioning. While they were here they also raised the threshold as we were feeling a significant draft. Fast forward to now, the lock has stopped working again. Alex had to put in a work order for us to get it fixed for the second time. It's a beautiful front door but just unfortunate about the quality of the lock.

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Company Response

Hi Shannon,
Thank you for review. Yes, you bought Canadian fiberglass door 5 years ago. However, quality of the door hardware is responsibility of hardware manufacturer. Probably, you should rate hardware manufacturer by such low rating. I'm not agreeing with 6-stars rating you've rated my company. You're getting free service from the factory and my company second time within 5 years after the door installation. Construction of bottom sill (threshold) allows to lift it when you need to eliminate draft because of wearing of bottom rubber sweep. Usually, rubber sweeps wear within 5 years. I think this is disadvantage of all Canadian doors construction as you mentioned. Unfortunately, Canadian doors manufacturers are "frozen" in 19-th century of industrial progress and don't do any improvements in the door construction for decades. That's why my company is expanding high quality exterior door selections made in Europe.