My wife noticed on Saturday that the lever on our kitchen faucet was not working properly. I attempted to dismantle the faucet on Sunday morning and discovered that it was next to impossible to remove the lever as the set screw holding it in place was essentially stripped. Went out and purchased a new faucet from a local retailer. Called Bradshaw first thing Monday morning and could only get a confirmed appointment for service on late Tuesday. They called to today (Tuesday) much earlier and said that they had a technician available to come immediately. The bottom line is that he came quickly thereafter and completed the removal and installation within 30 minutes. Thank you Bradshaw, and especially JP (Jean Pierre) for your professionalism.

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It took the company 3 attempts last summer to install the permeable, pavers to our satisfaction and according to the specifications written by us in the contract which we signed in good faith. The first time they delivered the wrong pavers (our discovery). The second time they did not use a protective pad on the vibrating compactor which caused permanent damage to the textured pavers. They finally got it right the last time. Elapsed time, about 5 months from when they removed the original driveway. Still waiting for a rebate from the paver manufacturer which they claimed they had submitted (?). Would never use them again. Even needed to get the paver manufacturer to act as a mediator.

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Company Response

Sorry we failed to meet your expectations. When reading reviews posted, it is likely better for a homeowner to understand what the contractor will do for you in the event things go off track. Will the contractor step up to remedy the situation or declare a “stop-loss” and walk away?
Judging by some of the phone calls we field, many contractors walk away from the project to “stop the loss”.
The stone you requested is made in both permeable and non-permeable styles. An error was made and the non-permeable stone was shipped. We corrected this mistake.
The interlock crew assigned to your project did a wonderful job with the installation however, made an error in judgement and did not use the protective pad while tamping the driveway causing some scuffing to the stone. This would have disappeared in time, however we took steps to correct the problem. First we power washed the installation and offered to seal the stone. When this was not satisfactory to you we did in the end replace the entire driveway with new stone.
You are correct these steps did take place over the course of a few months as our first attempt was to power wash, when that failed to satisfy we had to order in new stone (your chosen stone is a special order request through Unilock and is not as readily available as other stones and not one we stock).
In the interim, your driveway installation was perfect, still looked good and you were able to enjoy full use of it until we replaced it.
The rebate form was mailed to Unilock after the project was completed and paid for. As we close up for the winter, we were not able to follow up with it on your behalf. Unilock has assured me that your rebate of $51.60 is being processed and you should receive it soon.
In the end, we are confident you should be pleased with your beautiful new driveway. Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we would like but we feel we stepped up in every way possible to ensure your satisfaction with the end result. We are sorry to hear that you felt that warranted a score of 1 out of 10 because in our opinion that is what we would have awarded the contractor who did nothing to ensure your satisfaction.


As promised, Todd arrived early in the morning to remove a "clump" of plum trees gone wild which were hindering access to the rear sloping area of our property. As usual, Todd did a quick professional removal job, including a thorough cleanup. This is the third time we have used his company's services and would definitely recommend them to other homeowners. In addition, costs have always been reasonable.

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