I needed moving boxes for a local move. Seeing as I had access to the house I was moving to a week prior to my scheduled moving day, I thought that renting reusable moving boxes would be perfect. I could bring some items over to the new place, empty the boxes, then continue using the same bin for more items. Not only was this a good strategy, but the bins themselves were so much better than cardboard boxes. I would highly recommend them as an alternative to cardboard. I didn't have to use much packing paper, because I wasn't worried about the boxes being crushed, and there was no hassles with taping boxes together. Saved me so much time and effort. To top it off, the boxes all stack nicely together, so it just made the move so much more efficient. The boxes were delivered on time, and were all clean & ready to go. I couldn't recommend this service highly enough. I will definitely be using Good Boxes for my next move!

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